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Welcome to Cash In Your Case

Cash in Your Case is a pre-settlement funding company and we provide lawsuit funding for victims that are unable to support themselves without a cash settlement. Months or even years can elapse between the time your lawsuit is filed and when the case is settled. During that time, you still have bills to pay.

Each year, 15 million civil lawsuits are filed in the United States. The reasons for these lawsuits vary but often revolve around medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip and fall accidents and car accidents. The lawsuits often stem from the negligence of others. For example, a person could have been injured when a drunk driver ran a red light. Or perhaps someone slipped and fell when a supermarket employee failed to follow safety precautions.

The lawsuit is designed to punish the individual or company responsible for your injuries and recover damages for medical bills and lost wages. Lawyers and insurance companies are usually part of the process; therefore, there is often little interest in settling the case.

We help people who have been injured in an accident by providing a lawsuit cash advance, which is often mislabeled as a lawsuit loan. We estimate the potential of a settlement in your case and offer money. You receive a direct cash payment. The money can be a lump sum or monthly reimbursement. The pre-settlement funding, which is also commonly mislabeled as a pre-settlement loan, can be used to pay mortgage bills, car payments, medical bills or living expenses. We do not put restrictions on the lawsuit funding. A portion of the money from your future lawsuit settlement pays for the advance. If you lose the lawsuit, you are not responsible for repaying the pre-settlement funding. We take the risk.

To start the process, just fill out a quick application or speak with one of our representatives. The process is simple and your lawsuit cash advance could be available in as little as 24 hours! We want to know the particulars of your case and the type of pre-settlement funding that you are seeking. We want to lend a helping hand.

Qualify for an additional funding even if you Lose your case
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