Auto Accident Lawsuit Pre-settlement Funding

Motor Vehicle Accident Cash Advance Information:

Have you been injured in a car accident recently? Hopefully it was nothing serious. No matter the results, the entire ordeal can be a traumatic experience. You might have dealt with law enforcement officers, had to visit a doctor or went to the emergency room. Your vehicle probably suffered severe damage.

Now, you’re concerned with healing yourself and don’t want to focus on insurance claims and who was at fault, a process that involves money. The average property damage claim for a motor vehicle accident is $3,000, and the average claim for personal injury is $14,500. Private insurance companies pay the majority of these claims, but, sometimes, the other party involved in the accident settles them.

The truth is you probably need the money right now. Your injuries might have caused you to miss significant time from work. You have rent and or a mortgage to pay. Perhaps, you accumulated significant medical bills as a result of the accident, and the hospital is asking for money. In these situations, you might be desperate and would be willing to accept less money from the auto insurance company.

A motor vehicle accident cash advance, also known as vehicle accident pre-settlement funding, might be the right choice for you. With a car accident cash advance, you’re paid money upfront before the insurance companies resolve the claim. You can use the money for short-term living expenses or to pay those medical bills.

We provide car accident cash advances for multiple types of accidents. They include:

• Side-swipe accidents
• Hit-and-run accidents
• Rear-end collisions
• Chain-reaction collisions
• Parking lot accidents
• T-Bone Collisions

Unfortunately, claims in serious accidents can be difficult to resolve, often taking months or even years to reach a conclusion. Insurance companies are generally more interested in dragging out the case than providing motor vehicle accident compensation. That could mean attorneys are involved and the process can become very contentious. Don’t be concerned. We can provide you with a motor vehicle accident lawsuit cash advance, sometimes called auto accident lawsuit funding.

We want to work with you and get you the cash that you need through car accident pre-settlement funding. We are advancing you the money until the attorneys and the insurance companies resolve the claim. The process is simple. We will want to know the basics of your case. Who was at fault? What type of injuries did you sustain in the accident? Have you hired an attorney?

If you would like to learn more about motor vehicle accident settlement funding, speak with a representative on our website or call (800)-526-8098. We will talk with you about your case and determine if a car accident cash advance is right for you.

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