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5 Steps to Take Before and After an Auto Accident

We all have faced an automobile accident at one point or another in time; it doesn’t make us any more prepared when it does occur though.  Since it can be a stressful time, take a look at these 5 helpful tips to speed along the claims process!

1)    Have Information Ahead of Time

Before you ever get in an accident, it would be extremely beneficial to have everything in place within the vehicle.  Make sure you have a folder, file or envelope in the glove compartment containing your registration, insurance information, as well as any important numbers in the event you get stranded.  Know what your deductible will be in any given situation and having critical numbers available can make a world of difference.

2)    Maintain Situational Awareness

When involved in an accident, it can be a bit of a surreal experience.  Shock is often a factor, so it is important to maintain awareness of where you are in relation to other vehicles to avoid further danger.  If you are in a high traffic area, try to move to an area further from the road in case another vehicle hits the other disabled vehicles.

3)    Trade Information

Make sure to not let the other party leave until you have their information such as insurance company, telephone number and as much contact info as possible.  Having the name and address of the driver can help speed the process along, as well as the policy number for the other party.

4)    Contact the Insurance Company

Whether you decide to pursue through your insurance carrier or the at-fault party is up to you.  Make sure to be available for speaking to a claims handler and provide as much detail and data as possible.  Photos of the accident scene are useful, as well as any other witness information.

 5)    Look into a Cash Settlement

Sometimes you need financial aid when dealing with a claim of this nature; sometimes the proceedings take much longer than planned and there are pressing needs such as medical bills and so on.  Either way, it would benefit you to consider cash for settlement, especially if you are involved in a clear-cut accident where the other party is at fault.

Stay on Your Feet with a Pre-Settlement Advance

Accidents can oftentimes leave people more than just physically injured; in many cases people are unable to work and pay their bills as a result. Accidents that end up going into litigation leave people in very tough financial positions. Many people only think of the court and legal costs, but fail to factor in everyday expenses such as house payments and grocery bills, not to mention any medical care or equipment that they might need.

When you’re unable to work and earn a paycheck, how are you supposed to make ends meet while you wait for your settlement? Looking into a pre-settlement advance is a great way to stay on your feet while waiting for litigation to end.


Why Consider an Advance?

We are very used to working with people who know they have money coming once their case settles, but need to find a way to handle expenses in the meantime. We have even helped people facing foreclosures on their homes because of missed mortgage payments. Imagine the agony of losing your home as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault!

Let’s face it — in the current economy, most Americans don’t have enough in savings to live off of in the event of an accident. An advance is a great way to have early access to funds that you know are coming so that you can resume your normal life.

Pre-settlement advances are also a good way to avoid having to settle for less than you deserve in a case. Many people who are having trouble paying for legal proceedings and common expenses have been known to quit early and take whatever they can get. However, many of these same people are entitled to a lot more than they are receiving on such a deal. A cash advance will ensure that the person can afford to stay until the end and receive full recompense.

Don’t let an accident paralyze your life more than it already has. Take the steps to keep your finances on track so that once you receive your settlement, you won’t have to rebuild your life. The amount of time it takes for a case to settle is often out of your hands, but you can take control of the situation by considering a pre-settlement advance.