What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Have you been injured in an accident or suffered medical malpractice? Have you hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against a medical organization or insurance company? If that is the case, pre-settlement funding, sometimes called lawsuit loans, might be an option for you.

What is pre-settlement funding? Pre-settlement funding companies help individuals who want to receive payment from civil litigation prior to the completion of a case. The money can be used to pay off medical expenses, mortgages or finance everyday living. Often individuals cannot wait for the completion of a civil case and want money upfront. On average, a civil lawsuit takes between 18 to 24 months for a verdict to be reached. Payment often takes place months after the case closes.

How do I find pre-settlement funding information? The process is easy, because we want to help. To begin, you talk with a representative of our company. The person listens and tries to understand your case. Then, we contact your attorney and learn more details about your case. Once we have gathered the facts in the case, we will determine if pre-settlement funding is possible. It’s that simple.

Realize though that pre-settlement lawsuit funding is not a loan. We are giving you a percentage of the proposed settlement prior to completion of the case. When the case is settled, we collect our money, because we believe the ruling will be in your favor. But if the case doesn’t settle, you are under no obligation to pay the money back.

An example of someone who might qualify for pre-settlement finding could be an individual who was injured in a car accident by an impaired driver running a red light. You would have a strong legal claim and could qualify for a lawsuit loan. Or, perhaps a relative died during a surgical procedure, and the doctor was clearly at fault. This also could qualify.

Looking for helpful pre-settlement lawsuit funding advice? You need to gather information. You must understand the strength of the legal claim and the laws in your state that might cap the overall judgment. Also, talk with your family about your particular situation. They can help you understand if using a pre-settlement funding company is the right choice. You need to answer questions like: When will I return to work? Will the case settle quickly or will it end at trial? Can I sacrifice a smaller payout if the funding is settled with a lawsuit loan? What are the terms and conditions of the pre-settlement lawsuit funding?

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